• Issue Cards
  • Redeem Nights
  • Reporting

1. Find an existing pass purchase using the customer's email address or booking reference
- if no card purchase is found, pleasse try again or contact Central Res who can create one immediately
2. Assign a physical card to a customer purchase by entering the card serial number and your name
3. Once a card has been assigned, use the Redeem Tab (above) to redeem nights and view card history

Find Accommodation Pass Bookings

Find By Email Address
   Find By Booking Ref

1. Find an existing card using the customer's email address or card serial number
- if no card is found, please try again or use the Issue Card tab to check that a card has been issued
2. In the Redeem Nights section, enter the number of nights to redeem and your name
3. Click on 'View Card History' to see all previous issue and redeem events for any card

Find Base Jumper Cards

Find By Email Address
  Find By Card Number

1. select start and end dates and click the Redeem Report Button. This will show all redeem events within the given date period.
- the report includes various customer and agent details for each event
2. Use the 'print' option to print to PDF or use the 'download' link to export to CSV
- use this report as a basis to generate an invoice to Head Office

Redeem Report

Start Date
End Date